Preliminary program IME-12, Delft, August 28 - Sept 1

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The poster boards measure 2x1m and are intended for A0 posters in portrait orientation  
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TIME   Nano-based Devices
Chair Granqvist

Tungsten oxide and electrochromics
Chair Lampert

Oxide defects and microstructures
Chair Yoshimura
Polymers and liquid crystals
Chair Kobayashi
8:30-9:10   D. Milliron: Spectral control of sunlight with nanocrystal-based electrochromic films S. Deb: Unique structural and opto-electronic properties of WO3 for electrochromics and other technologically important devices" J. Seidel: Prominent electrochromism through vacancy-order melting in a complex oxide T. White: Electrical Control of Position or Bandwidth of Selective Reflection in Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
9:10-9:30   X. Li: Preparation and property of photonic crystal structured electrochromic materials J. Wang: Inorganic electrochromic materials and devices for applications in smart windows and self-rechargeable batteries L.M. Manceriu: Ni1-xO stoichiometry prediction by using optical and electrochemical measurements M. Sassi: Multichromophoric electrochromic polymers toward high contrast neutral tint see-through electrochromic devices
9:30-9:50   N.Reddy: Preparation of crack free V2O5 inverse opal structures and application to electrochromic device M.A. Arvizu: Electrochromic DC sputtered W(1-x-y) MoyTixO3 thin films: Optical properties and durability Y Xiao: An all-solid-state electrochromic device based on facing target sputtered Nickel oxide thin films A. M. Osterholm: Inkjet printing and solution blending of cyan/magenta/yellow colored-to-colorless electrochromic polymer inks
9:50-10:10   M. Manca: Near Infrared Selective Dynamic Glazings based on Surface Plasmon Resonance Modulation in Mesoporous ITO Electrodes G. Niklasson, Electrochemical degradation and rejuvenation of electrochromic tungsten oxide thin films. A. Maho: Surfactant-assisted USP deposition of WO3 electrochromic thin films on various TCO-glass substrates Ana Viñuales: Easy-to-make multielectrochromic devices based on viologen-containing polyvinil alcohol-borax slime polyelectrolyte: towards rainbow-like smart systems
10:10-10:45   Break Break Break Break
    Electrochromic devices I
Chair Richardson
VO2 and Thermochromism
Chair Rougier
Chair Karazhanov
Polymers and liquid crystals
Chair White
10:45-11:05   S. M. Cho: Electrochromic device with diffusing function for light adaptable displays N. Li: Enhanced Electrochromism in Materials with Ordered Microstructures A. Georg: Photochromic device prepared by DC-magnetron sputtering D. Eric Shen: Full Color and Redox Switching Control in Solution Processable Electrochromic Polymers via Simple Structural Modification
11:05-11:25   H. Kim: Solvent-free process to fabricate high contrast electrochromic device based on tungsten oxide and nickel oxide  H. Byker: Sunlight Responsive Thermochromic Technology for Transportation Window Applications C.C. You: Structure and composition of photochromic oxygen-containing yttrium hydride M. Beck: Novel polymer-based electrolytes for electrochromic devices
11:25-11:45   A.Subrahmanyam: Studies on the electrochromic device performance with nafion membrane: effect of tungsten oxide layer thickness C.G. Granqvist: Thermochromic Fenestration Based on VO2:Finally a Technology of Practical Interest? S. Cornelius: The photochromic effect in Yttrium-based oxy-hydrides M. Higuchi: Electrochromic devices with metallo-supramolecular polymers
11:45-12:25   K. Yoshimura, Practical realization of switchable mirror sheet which can be switched between mirror and transparent states. P. Jin: VO2-Based thermochromic smart window: nanoparticle-polymer foil and sputter-deposited glass P. Erhart: Defects in oxides and their effect on optical and electrical properties Closing /IME-13 introduction, Prof Kobayashi
12:30-14:00   Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
    Electrochromic devices II
Chair Niklasson
Infrared properties
Chair Byker
14:00-14:20   Shiuan-Ying Peng: A Flexible Electrochromic Rewritable Paper Based on Printable Electrolyte Matrix Film K. Nakamura: Electrochemical modulation of emission and coloration by using luminescent europium(III) complex and electrochromic viologen derivatives EXCURSIONS  
14:20- 14:40  

Guey-Sheng Liou: Design and preparation of advanced electrochromic devices based on ambipolar materials

G. Petroffe: Influence of the electrolyte in the emissivity change of PEDOT layers incorporated into devices operating in the MIR Option 1: Delft Pottery and Delft Canal tour  
14:40-15:00   T. Richardson: Electroactive polymers as diagnostic sensors: direct visualization of the potential distribution in operating electrochemical cells. Y-W Zhong: Multi-stage NIR electrochromism based on ruthenium complexes Option 2: The Hague Mauritshuis Museum and city walk  
15:00-15:20   M. Da Rocha: Influence of the temperature on the electrochromic properties of WO3//NiO devices Y. Tian: Preparation of Flexible PANI Device and Its Application for IR Electrochromism Option 3: Boat tour through the 'Green Heart' of Holland  
15:20-15:45   Break Break    
15:45-17:00   Posters Posters    
17:00-17:30 Welcome drinks and finger food


The poster boards measure 2x1m and are intended for A0 posters in portrait orientation

17:30-18:10   C. Xu: Synchronously achieving electrochromic and electrofluorochromic switching K-C Ho: Viologen-Based Electrochromic Devices Utilizing Polymeric Ionic Liquids    
18:10-18:30       Transport to Carlton Ambassedor Hotel, The Hague Centre  
18:30-19:00 Setting up posters     Get together at the Carlton Ambassedor Hotel, The Hague Centre  
19:00-22:00       Conference dinner Carlton Ambassedor Hotel, The Hague Centre  


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