Science Centre Delft                   

Mijnbouwstraat 120
2628 RX Delft

Walking from Delft Central Station (10-15 minutes)

This route takes you from Delft Central Station along Barbaraklooster through Breestraat and across Bastiaansplein and Bastiaansbrug to Science Centre Delft.

Public transport

The following bus lines from Delft Central Station stop near Science Centre Delft, Mijnbouwstraat 120:

  • 37 direction Delfgauw (stop Michiel de Ruyterweg)
  • 60 direction Nootdorp (stop Michiel de Ruyterweg)
  • 80 direction IKEA (stop Michiel de Ruyterweg)
  • 40 direction Rotterdam Central Station (stop Julianalaan)
  • 69 direction TU Technopolis via TU (stop Julianalaan)
  • 121 direction Zoetermeer (stop Julianalaan)
  • 174 direction Rotterdam Noord (stop Julianalaan)

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Accessibility by car

Take exit 9 Delft from the A13.


Next to the Science Centre there are some parking lots. If these are already taken, there are also parking spots at Zuidplantsoen. Indoor parking is also available in Garage Zuidpoort [Map].

The Science Centre Delft is wheelchair accessible. However the regular entrance is not wheelchair accessible. The reception employees will give you access to the wheelchair accessible entrance when you arrive.

Travel to Delft, The Netherlands

  • Take a Flight to Amsterdam Schiphol airport and from there reach Delft by train. Frequent trains operate between Schiphol and Delft. A trip takes about 30 minutes, rental cars are also available. To plan your journey by train click here.
  • Another possibility is to take a flight to Rotterdam Airport and from there reach Delft by train. To plan your journey by train click here.

The OV-chipcard

The OV-chipcard is the ticket for public transport in the Netherlands. If you carry an OV-chipcard with you, you can travel on all trains, trams, buses and metros with this card. Please do not forget to check-in AND check-out, respectively at the start and end of your journey. This is done by placing the OV-chipcard onto the special free-standing card readers - these are found at station platforms and halls, metro gate barriers and near the doors on board trams and buses.

2 types of OV-chipcard can be used:

  1. disposible OV-chipcard
  2. anonymous OV-chipcard

​Disposable OV-chipcard
This is a card which is bought as a single travel product only. The 1 hour ticket, the 24 hour ticket and the 48 hour ticket can all be bought on board of trams and buses. For train tickets there is the NS Dutch Railways disposible ticket wich carries a €1 surcharge over the standard fare. You can buy your disposible train ticket at NS (Dutch Railways) stations service desks or OV-chip marked ticket machines. Disposible OV-chipcards are made from paper and can be discarded after use. If you plan to use public transport only once or twice on a short visit then stick to disposible tickets.

Anonymous OV-chipcard
This is a plastic card which has a printed expiry date valid for 4-5 years. It costs €7.50 (non-refundable) to purchase an 'empty' card with no credit - to this you can load travel credit onto the "e-purse" up to a maximum of €150. The card can be used on any public transport in the country as long as you have sufficient e-purse credit (minium card balance needed of €4 for public transport and €20 for train trips). Travel using the e-purse on metro/trams/buses is generally cheaper than buying single 1 hour tickets, especially for shorter trips.

An anonymous OV-chip card can be purchased by anyone, with no registration required. The card is useful for frequent visitors to the Netherlands and anyone planning to travel a lot on Dutch public transport. One advantage is that you don't have to worry about buying a new ticket every time you travel as long as you have sufficient credit.

Where to buy an anonymous OV-chip card? Cards can be purchased at any of the following locations:

• NS (Dutch Railways) stations - service desks or OV-chip marked ticket machines - you can find these at Schiphol. 
• Newsagents - such as AKO, Bruna, Primera
• Tobacconists
• Supermarket service desks - such as Albert Heijn, Dirk, Jumbo

For more information about the OV-chipcard click here and here.

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